Vuelta Espana 2011

Running from Saturday Agust 20th to Sunday September 11th 2011, the 66th Vuelta a EspaƱa will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,300 kilometres. These stages have the following profiless:

  • 9 flat stages,
  • 10 mountain stages
  • 1 team time-trial stage
  • 1 individual time-trial stage

Distinctive aspects of the race

  • 6 summit finishes
  • 2 rest days
  • 14 km. team time-trial
  • 40 km. individual time-trial stage

As usual you can follow the live telecast on Astro Yahoo eurosports 814 starts on August 20th.

Colnago C59 Voeckler

Thomas Voeckler Yellow Jersey Edition C59 Italia Once it was clear that Thomas Voeckler of Team Europcar would be wearing the yellow jersey after the 10th stage of the 2011 Le Tour de France, Colnago instantly put in some work. They came up with the yellow color scheme, perfectly matching the pantone of the yellow jersey. This C59 Italia is nothing less than spectacular and is now available for all the Colnago lovers out there. Offered in 22 sizes, and six colors, you are not buying just a bike, you are buying the World's best riding bicycle. Colnago invented modern bicycle racing geometry and has refined it to perfection with handling that is unwaveringly accurate but stable at speed, so a long day in the mountains is a battle against the gradient and your rivals, and you have the added advantage of the World's best riding bicycle.
Frameset Features
  • Custom Master-shaped carbon tubes
  • CNC Titanium bottom bracket shell
  • B-stay carbon fiber rear seat stays
  • Square carbon chain stays
  • Colnago C59 1 1/8"-1 1/4" tapered fork
  • C-HS1(Colnago Headset System) Headset
  • Colnago 31.6 searpost, Painted to match
  • MRSP USD5899.95 @2.2lbs
  • Cinelli MASH 2011

    As many of you know we are tight with the MASH SF crew and helped them build their first prototype, the one you see in the photo, for the Interbike tradeshow last September. It was definitely the nicest track bike at the show and they were up against the likes of Colnago, Pinarello, De Rosa and others. We would expect nothing less from the likes of Benny Gold, Mike Martin and Garrett Chow.

    The Cinelli MASH bike is fun to ride. Columbus Airplane alloy is rolled into triple butted tubes and formed into MASH pursuit geometry is reactive and fast.
  • Columbus Airplane 7005-T6 Aluminum
  • 1 1/8” Columbus Straight Carbon fork
  • Integrated Headset (incld)
  • Cinelli seat post clamp (incld)
  • Color: Gray (gray on gray) or Green (green on white)
  • Weight: Frame/Fork = 3.3lb/1.23lb, 1500g/560g - size 54cm
  • 2 years warranty
  • MRSP USD995 @ 3.28lbs
  • Colnago EPQ 2011

    The top frame from the Colnago Revolution ’10 project, the EPS is a full carbon lugged frameset that offers incredible performance. Evolved from the Extreme Power model, which was designed for top sprinters like Petacchi, Freire, and Zabel who can generate tremendous power under acceleration, this machine also uses lugged construction to help eat up the road vibrations of the most epic riding conditions.

    Assembled with ultra and high modulus (HHM-HM) unidirectional Omega carbon fiber composite with a 3K twill finish and monocoque carbon fiber lugs, this frame is also made by hand in Italy. Beyond the 14 traditional sizes and 8 sloping sizes, custom sizes and paint schemes are also available upon request.

    Frameset Features:
  • "3PRS" tubing with internal reinforcing ribs
  • CNC titanium bottom bracket insert
  • B-stay carbon fiber rear seat lug
  • Leaf shape carbon fiber rear chain stays
  • Colnago EPS 1 1/8”-1 1/4"fork
  • C-HS1 (Colnago Headset System) headset
  • Colnago 31.6 seatpost, painted to match

  • Lay-up optimization: The structure of Colnago’s EPS tubing and lugs have been upgraded with the help of CAD design. Colnago uses ultra high and high modulus (HHM-HM) unidirectional composite with a 3K twill finish. During the development of the EPS, thanks to 3D design & Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Colnago has created an extremely accurate, optimized carbon fiber composite lay-up in the key zones where force is transmitted to the road for an incredible ride & performance to reduce vibration & stress from irregular road surfaces.

    Multi Shape Tubing – 3PRS System: Colnago’s new EPS frameset features a unique new 3PRS System of multi-shape tubing which manipulates the tubing based on its purpose in the frame. The top tube is conical, with a 40mm diameter at the head tube that tapers to a 35mm diameter at the seat tube lug. The Colnago EPS down tube has a constant diameter of 44mm from head tube to bottom bracket, with four 3PRS internal reinforcing ribs of varying widths and thicknesses inside the down tube which confer extraordinary stiffness and power transfer. Overall, this is an improvement over the technology of the C50 or EP framesets of years past. The seatstays of the EPS employ a convex design for optimized braking, while the chainstays are oversized and beefy to keep your sprint snappy.

    Colnago Headset System / C-HS1: One of the key points of the Colnago Revolution development project is the introduction of an all-new headset system, the C-HS1 Colnago Headset System. This is a special, semi-integrated headset that uses 1”-1/8 bearings in the top race and 1”-1/4 bearings in the bottom race for extra head tube rigidity and more steering stability and precision. Compared to other integrated headsets, Colnago's C-HS1 allows easier assembly and maintenance without removing the entire headset assembly, while also protecting the frame. Using a similar design philosophy, the EPS bottom bracket has a easily removable CNC titanium insert to facilitate maintenance.

    Colnago Carbon Fiber Fabric & Epoxy: With over two decades of experience building the finest carbon fiber bicycles, Ernesto Colnago used his expertise to choose the finest carbon fiber fabric & epoxy for his new EPS frameset.

    Colnago EPS Carbon fork & tubing diameters: Colnago new EPS’s has a 35mm seat tube diameter that uses a 31.6mm seat post. EPS also features the all new Colnago New Star carbon fiber fork that was specifically developed for C-HS with it’s 1”1/8 - 1”1/4 diameters. The Colnago New EPS carbon fiber fork features improved steering & stability thanks to the new fork blade shape, maximum strength to absorb shocks and blend smoothly with the new 1”-1/4 diameter of the bottom of the head tube.

    2 years warranty
    MRSP USD5299.95 @ 3.18 lbs

    Colnago M10 - 2011

    For 2011, the M10 is the lightest Colnago ever produced. Some will mistake this bike to be closely related to the CX1, we disagree. Lighter, faster, and stiffer ,this bike pulls from other monocoque bikes with alarming speed and agility. Combining an oversized bottom bracket, and a tapered headtube sets this bike apart from the CX1 in a big way.

    With a little more vertical absorption, you get the comfort without sacrificing any performance. That means ,you get to enjoy those long weekend rides, and crush the weekly crits. With the new fork that has been desighned to work with this frame,the M10 has been designed to be precise on the decents, and smooth into the corners. The M10 Guarentees the classic Colnago look, complimented with internal cable routing this bike is sure to please the speed freaks, and tech geeks alike.
    2 years warranty
    MRSP USD4499.95 @ 1.93 lbs

    Pinarello Dogma 2 - 2012

    The Dogma 2 is the next generation in Pinarello persuit for perfection on two wheels. For 2012 the new Dogma 2 will feature some upgrades to the already award winning asymmetric racing frame. The upgrades include a 1.5-inch bottom headset bearing, an aero integrated downtube and fork juction, internally routed cables for mechanical and Di2 groups, and last but not least new graphics.

    Dogma 60.1 is the beginning of a new generation of frames that will revolutionize the concept of racing bicycles. Dogma 60.1 is the first completely asymmetric racing frame. The parts on the right side have different shapes and sections than the parts on the left. This is a true innovation in the cycling world and the point of no return for fans of extreme performance.

    The frame was developed starting from the highly successful Prince, Best Racing Bike of the World (USA) for 2008 and 2009 and Bike of the Year in Italy for 2008 and 2009. The fork, the rear and the basic shapes are derived from this very fortunate frame but with the application of new, incredible technologies: the completely asymmetric design, the EPS Wrinkle Free System construction process and the material used – the exclusive 60HM1K carbon by Torayca® with Nanoalloy™ that prevents sudden breakage. Last but not least is the exclusive Diamond finish, the worthy topping to an extraordinary project called Dogma 60.1.

    Please note: At this time we are taking deposits against future deliveries of the Dogma 2. Pricing on the frameset has not been released yet and will be updated on our website when it becomes available. Pricing is expected to go up at least 8.5% over 2011 pricing. All inquiries can be directed to our Pinarello specialist Tim Medina at or by calling (510) 529-3040.
    wrench science
    WARRANTY: 2yrs
    MRSP USD TBA @ 2.03lbs

    Yeti SB 66 2012

    Switch Technology is an optimized dual-link design that utilizes an eccentric mechanism that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel. Built into a compact assembly, the eccentric creates a micro-link that continuously repositions the lower pivot of the swing arm, alloing Yeti to create a suspension system with no compromises.

    Efficient pedalling. At the beginning of the travel the eccentric link is rotating in a rearward direction, guiding the lower pivot of the swing arm rearward. This counter-clockwise motion coupled with the initial rearward wheel path creates an excellent pedalling platform, making the SB-66 pedal and climb crisply without sacrificing small bump sensitivity.

    Responsive mid-stroke. The flat linear shape of the leverage ratio coupled with Switch Technology allows the bike suspension to bo more responsive, especially in the mid-stroke level of the travel. This essentially creates a larger "sweet spot", keeping the rider higher in the travel throughout that portion and allowing the suspension to react better to bigger hits. There are no unexpected spikes or wallows so cornering and jumping feel comfortable and consistent throughout the travel.

    Continuous Travel. Once the SB-66 reaches the inflection point(about 100mm into the travel), the eccentric link starts to rotate in the forward(clockwise) direction. This means the rate at which the chain stay grows [dCSL] drops off quickly, allowing the suspension to work independently of chain forces and pedal feedback. Because the suspension isn't being impeded by chain growth in the last third of travel, the smooth feel in the middle of the stroke continues all the way to full compression without a harsh bottom out feeling

    MSRP USD2200 @ 7.01 lbs
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