Le Tour De Langkawi 2009

DATES: February 9-15, 2009
SANCTION: Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)
STATES: (Putrajaya, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Selangor, Pahang and Kuala Lumpur)
NOS OF TEAMS: 20 teams
RACE DISTANCE: 1,029.9 kilometres
LONGEST STAGE: Stage 4 (Melaka to Bangi) 222.2 kilometres
SHORTEST STAGE: Stage 7 (KL Criterium) 80.4 kilometres

Pontian-CIQ Gelang Patah

Date: 25/01/2009
Distance: 81km

The first 3 pictures were the work of art from our camera man, Abang Omar. Altough he didn't cycling a lot, he always without failed turn up every Sunday morning to take some pictures for the bolg. Thanks a lot bro.

Today only 4 of us turn up which are Bro Encun, Buyung, Gedo and me...Pictures above secretly hiding our shaky feeling about this ride. After all we haven't hit the road for the past 2 weeks. Bro Encun in blue looks confident before the ride.

The weather was great. A bit cloudy but very pleasant. The traffic also very smooth with not so many vehicles on the road due to the upcoming Chinese new year.

This is the entrance of Leisure Farm resort which means we a approaching the final climb of the day before reaching our destination.

Pic 1 - Bro Ancun ignite his turbo engine. My finger on the picture. Need to take another one
Pic 2 - 1/3 of the climbing. Better put my hands on the steer
Pic 3 - Wheres Bro Ancun. Am I on the lead??
Pic 4 - Super difficult to took picture. Is that Bro Ancun?? This is impossible....

Pictures of CIQ's food stalls. The place was clean. Very nice place to be after your hard riding hour

We cycle back to Pontian around 11 a.m. The weather still good but it looks like the rain is about to fall. However the wind was a bit windy. The middle picture shows Gedo show us some cycling dance. Today's ride was fun. I hope you have the same too.

Bukit Liki Kulai

Here in Kulai we have this place where I like to go when I went for cycling in the evening. It is short and steep hill also known as Bukit Liki. Picture shown Dataran Cahaya Kulaijaya. Kulaijaya is a new name for Kulai. Before this Kulai is part of Johor Bahru but now it has its own district.

I still remember back then when I started cycling, it took me 3 months to convince my self to climb this hill.
If you are here in Kulai, why don't you check this one out. I'm sure you will like it. My best so far is 39/21

The new banner

pontiancyclingdude was born in November last year. Without much knowledge I started this blog to log out our cycling activities plus some other things that might interest you. The picture of two bike facing each other was selected as the blog banner.this is our new banner for 2009. For me I personally like the retro/classic touch of the image. I hope you guys like it too.

G Shock DW-004M-8T Eric Koston

Last year when I was surfing the net as usual learning about G Shock, I accidentally bump into these 3 pics from a seller ads in Yahoo Japan auction. During that time even the Japanese G Shock perfect search doesn't have any information about this watch.
Apart of cycling as my free time activities, I also like to go to the local watch store. Who knows I might find a super rare vintage what so ever watch. I felt like home when I'm there.
And I struck a jackpot when I saw this watch brand new sitting in the display rack. The seller know nothing about this watch except it was an old no one like to buy watch.
This series has a mirror dial and a bit difficult to read the number but who cares. I received many good impression from my friends when I am wearing this watch to work.
This is the best pic that I can get to show you the mirror effect of the dial. The EL is blue green in colour.
It has the EK/04 and 4 stars written on the band. It is a Japan Y with 1597 module introdeced in 1999.

The DW-004M-8T Eric Koston with the DW002J-1B Fox Fire

For more info visit http://product-search.casio.jp/wat/g-shock/watch_detail.php?m=DW-004M-8T&n=763


G shock DW-002J-1B Fox Fire

Picture update on 13/07/2009

As I was driving home for Friday prayer, I stuck in a traffic jam. It is quite long so I take out my handphone and took some pictures of my watch. It is a G shock DW-002J-1B Fox Fire.
This G shock was produced around November 1994. I bought this watch from a local ebay seller in new condition with tag a year ago. This model also has a Fox Fire wording. For me the Fox Fire wording in G Shock is more difficult to get if compare to the illuminator wording watch. I was so lucky. I have 2 Fox Fire G Shocks.
This G Shock is made in Japan M with 1299 module inside. It also has a G letter backlight.
The gold coloured metal in the band add a casual feeling to the watch. I have the same casual feeling when wearing the DW5600C. The module itself is covered with what most of us G Shock fans called capsule.
I have seen so many people abusing their watch without taking much attention to them. I think we should have more than one watch so we can have a rotation system and by doing this you already longer you watch life span.

1994 G shock DW-002J-1B Fox Fire



Date: 11.01.2009
Distance: 50km
This morning we decided to cycle to Kukup. Kukup is a small town near Pontian. It is quite a long time since our last trip there. The road was flat. Picture showing Buyung still not very pleased since we decided to go to Kukup instead of CIQ. Azies as usual, ready for picture session. I'm wearing G Shock DW5600C to match my cycling kit....cool
Picture shown Bro Ancun. He's a bit late today but he is good as usual.
Its very hard to tell from this picture but if you can, spot two cyclist up ahead. Its Bro Ancun and Azies.
Not really know what is the name of this town.
Welcome to Kukup
The newly built ferry terminal to Tanjung Balai, Indonesia
Great food Roti tampal and tapai but....its too expensive (wa kena beb)
We on our way back. Those strong legs already tired and the strong head wind not helping at all. Today's ride was great. Not too hard and not too easy. We reach our markas at 11.15am
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