Pontian-Pekan Nanas

Date: 29/03/2009
Distance: 50km
We were supposed to cycle to Gunung Pulai 2 today together with a Malakoff group. When we arrived this morning this guy (blue helmet) was already there. Picture also shows Bro Ancun (in black and white stripe) back on the road after missing nearly a month. Hafiz (in white t shirt) used to cycle with us long time ago but now have too many work commitment making him difficult to find the right time to cycle again.

The group slowly turned up and finally there was 8 of us today which are 5 from Malakoff. As you can see there was a commute bike on picture which means today's ride will be a bit slower than usual

More or less like a recreational ride today

As usual without fail a pic during brake. Picture shows everyone has their own story to tell....... blah blah blah

Maybe some of us had too much of refueling so the picture above shows some of us waiting for the other before heading to Parit Selangor. Today's ride was great. The weather was great too. Great outing guys. Hope to ride again soon.

Cotton cycling caps

I received this castelli cap this afternoon. Some people don't fancy cycling cap but I really like it a lot.
I don't know about the history, but can guess some of the design rationale.
1. A hat is good cause it keeps your hair out of your eyes and helps absorb sweat to stop it getting in your eyes. Not having these things in your eyes is a good thing.Thin material is good when you're riding hard to stop you overheating, hence the thin cotton of team hats.
2. A peak is good for keeping the sun or the rain out of your eyes. A small peak that flexes a bit makes the hat less likely to blow off when you're hitting terminal velocity and a peak that flips up stays out of your vision when you're contorted into the drops like a tree root on acid.
3. The elastic keeps that bad boy sitting tight when the wind is whipping around your ears. There are no ear flaps cos you'd look ridiculous.
I don't think they're in fashion anymore (if that's what you're asking). Races has a lot to do with it, like the TdF. The last TdF I saw riders wearing them was at TdF 2002

At this moment I have 2 cotton hats. The other one is a pinarello prince cotton hat which I bought together with a jersey/bib/glove a year ago.

With the introduction of compulsory cycle helmets for massed-start racing, casquettes (french word for hat) have become less common, but most professional race outfits still have them produced in team colours for wearing on the winner's podium, for wearing under a helmet in heavy rain or for sale to the tifosi.
The casquette shields the head from strong sun and the peak can also make riding in the rain more comfortable, since drops do not fall directly into the eyes.
They are sometimes worn with the peak backwards, not for reasons of fashion but because the peak then protects the neck from sunburn.A traditional way to keep the head cool when cycling in hot conditions was to put a cabbage leaf under the casquette.

The last picture was not related to cycling hat, just to show some cool bike. A friend of mine send me this picture earlier this month. This is freakin awesome....

Campagnolo veloce cassette

I've been looking for a set of used campy 10s cassette for my Campy Eurus. That Eurus has not been used for quite some time, so I think it's time to put a cassette to make it usable again. Picture above shows how I got the cassette. The cassette is originally came with a set of Made in Italy Ursus Countach.

The lockring....MICHE

the 12-25 sprocket

The setting was done at Buyung's house

The wheels of fortune

The new upgraded F3:13 with the Campagnolo Eurus/Campagnolo Veloce cassette and Shimano Dura Ace 7800 groupset.

DW-6900A-2JF Fox Fire

Pictures update 13/07/2009

About a year ago I found this watch at the local watch shop. During that time I tought DW6900 was a bit boring so after a lot of thinking I decided to buy the DW002 hiphop that day. A month later I came back and lucky for me this watch is still there so I bought it.

It was from a famous DW G Shock model. To be exact DW-6900A-2JF Fox Fire. It was released at the end of 2000. And in my case this watch has survived the big flood in Johor in the year 2006 coz I still can see the mud left on some part of this watch when I bought it. The shop owner told me he didn't even try to relocated the watch because he know this watch will make it.

This watch has the 1289 module inside and has been made in Japan Y

I have found some quality pictures from the net. The colour of the band is a bit pale blue. For me the 3rd and 4th picture resembles the true colour of the watch. Although I like my frogman but this watch never fails me. I am very proud to own this watch.

Pontian-Taman Sri Pulai

Date: 08/03/2009
Distance: 71 km

Today we are supposed to ride to Taman Impian Emas but due to traffic congestion we ride to Taman Sri Pulai instead. Its a few km shorter.

Pictures above shows how hot and sunny that day. And by far today's ride was the hottest ever in our cycling outing.

We take a break at Restoran Kassim 24hours at Taman Sri Pulai. We are a bit reluctant to continue our journey back because of the super hot condition.

The final picture shows how grateful Azies (us) manage to be back after the ride. Today's ride supposed to be perfect if the weather was not too sunny.


Date: 1/3/2009
Distance: 105km

"Bro it looks like only two of us today"

Even though only the two of us shown up today, the determination and moral are quite high. The last picture shows how focus we are for the upcoming ride



We reached Senggarang and as always searching for a good place for rest and refuelling. Unfortunately we couldn't find the right place so we decided to rest at a food stall opposite of the Shell petrol kiosk

And what a surprise, near the food stall there was an ayam serama competition. We would be more than happy to have a look at the competition. However the weather was quite hot today so we need to move back as soon as possible

Our final rest of the day was at the Petronas Benut. Picture shows Buyung posing for the blog. This guy deserved more than 2 can of 100 plus energy drink. All because of his great effort by leading the pace from the start till the end. We felt very happy since this is our first century for 2009. See you

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