Cannondale Fondo

I was invited for this welcome ride for Acong new Cannondale bike. Unfortunately I was unable to join the group. However I do showed up where they supposed to meet up at took some pictures. From left Megat, Botak, Fauzan and Acong.
After editing some post I found out that some of my pictures shows Acong big smile. Acong must be smiling a lot since receiving his new bike. There also a rumor telling that a new cycling group will be establish soon in Kulai. Thay alreay had a group name KBKK. K*L*B B*S***L K**B*N K*L*I

Acong new Cannondale Flash 4 Lefty

Early this morning I have been invited to take some pictures of Acong new bike, a Cannondale Flash 4 lefty. Since this is a rare chance for me to see the lefty bike. In fact, this is the first lefty bike in our cycling group.
The lefty shock was handmade in USA with 100 travel as stated in the picture above.
A strange looking lefty steerer bike but the technology has been introduce years ago. I believe the price was not on the affordable side of many mtb kaki.
The red crown looks gorgeous
Straight handle for the race purpose
Having lefty front fork, the choice of changing the wheelset is not many. Not many bicycle shop here carry this type of wheelset unless you make a special order.
This Cannondale Flash 4 frame is made of carbon fiber.
System integration symbol on the top tube
Although many riders choose a full-sus bike or a 29er wheel bike as their choice when upgrading, Acong still choose hard tail.
The Prologo X10 looks good with similar color scheme to the bike. No feedback so far from Acong for the saddle.
The RD that come with the bike was the latest carbon X9 10 speed.
The cockpit was very neat and very straight forward. The red cat eye was a gift from the bike shop.
Sram FD with 2 chain ring crankset all under SRAM latest 10speed groupset.
Acong's Ashima 160 brake rotor
Botak's Ashima Air 160 rotor 85gm only
White Avid Elixir provide enough brake power for the bike.
Acong's Cannondale pictured with Megat's BMC on the background.
Acong looks very happy and proud. Although some people may think that the damage was huge, actually Acong did a great score from trading his old bike then bought this new bike. It was said that the total addition was less then what you will pay for the new Fox Talas fork. Congratulation. See you on podium next time. Peace.

Megat-latest bike component upgrade

One of my buddy who very passionate with bicycle is Megat. He really good at taking care of his bike and consistently upgrading his bike component with the latest technology that money can buy.
The chosen wheel hub probably one of the noisiest hub available in the market.
He said that the reason he bought this SID race fork is the color match perfectly with his BMC bicycle.
The famous No Tubes ZTR Alpine, another inexpensive good upgrade choice.

Baby G Seaman BGW-101

I am not usually buy Casio Baby G. But this time it's different. Even in the Internet, the information about this watch is not very helpful. So by providing some pictures I hope this post will be useful for others. The Baby G watch box above is not the actual box for the watch. The seller gave me this box as a replacement. This is a Baby G Seaman.
Finding a Baby G Frogman is hard but getting a Baby G Seaman is harder.
It has thick buckle that I felt it is much better made compared to some G Shock.
Pictures above shows the sides of the Baby G Seaman.
The Baby G engraving looks perfect on top of the dial. It is hard to take pictures outside since it is raining heavily during that time plus the shining back ground doesn't help either.
This watch also has the same case back as the baby G Frogman but has the word Seaman instead of Frogman. The frog also wearing the bangle too. It uses a 2050 module and has been made in Japan A
The color is not black but more to grey
It has a blue illuminator light. The shark also appear every time you push the light button.
The dial looks identical to the G Shock Frogman. The watch is not as small as you think it was. Even though it was made for women, the watch is 43 in diameter.
Since their first introduction, Casio does not introduce new frogman/Seaman for the Baby G unlike G Shock they already have 5 new frogman model.
The shark does appear every 30 second on top of the dial as seen on the picture.
You can click HERE to read my post about Baby G Frogman

Jasin S2H Jamboree 2011

Yesterday I have posted a post about Jamboree Kampung Ride that will be held at Bukit Katil, Melaka and yet today I received another information about a very similar cycling event in the same month from the same state. This Jasin S2H Jamboree is in their second year of organizing the same event. For those who willing to go to Melaka twice in a month then go ahead. Click HERE for more info

Jamboree kampung Ride 2011

A Jamboree Kampung Ride 2011 will be held on May 1st 2011 at Bukit Katil, Melaka. This maiden event organize by BCNC Club. Click HERE for more info.
Another name that using "KAMPUNG" as part of their title was this horror/comedy movie, Zombi Kampung Pisang. I am sure that there were plenty of title that uses KAMPUNG as part of their name. I don't have any problem with the word KAMPUNG. Anything that related to KAMPUNG must be FUN right. Peace.

G Shock DW-5600EG-9 Fox Fire

I don't usually buy G Shock from local online seller. After offloading some of my collection due to personal reasons, the temptation of buying G Shock coming back after I met Bobostrobos who regularly sms me asking questions about G Shock. Last Friday I came across a local website who selling this pre-loved watch at an affordable price. I made a phone call to him and the rest is history.
The watch is professionally packed and what amazed me is that I also received a receipt for my purchased. Cool.
This is a G Shock DW-5600EG-9. Number 9 represents yellow color and uses a 1545 module. It is made in Korea C
The previous owner has replaced the original bezel and band with after market parts. That's why you see a white protection and G Shock wording on the bezel. The band also does not match with the model. Surprisingly he put a DW6600/DW6900 band on it. I still haven't decided yet whether I would replace the band or keep as it is.
I have owned a G Shock DW-5600EG-9 before but I have sold it long ago. I knew where to get the original band with gold buckle for it but the price was too high for me.
But this one is special. It has a Fox Fire instead of illuminator.
I am over the moon when I received the watch and does not clean the dial properly. The module and glass was still in great shape with no visible scratch on it.
The previous owner does not keep the watch manual or box anymore. I am considering myself very luck to own this watch.
This watch was released on June 1996 and has been discontinued.
Picture above shows my DW5600 Fox Fire with my other Fox Fire collection, the DW-6900A-2JF and DW-6600B-1A.
I always looking for newer G Shock model when I surf the Internet but ended up with these three 0ld style G Shock model, the DW5600, DW6900 and DW6600. Maybe I just can live without it. Picture above shows my DW-5600EG-9 Fox Fire with his new friends.
Now lets sing a song...

(If you're happy and you know it)

If you're happy and you know it,
Clap your hands
(Clap hands twice)
If you're happy and you know it,
Then your face will surely show it
If you're happy and you know it,
Clap your hands.

(Clap hands twice)

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