Kulai mtb kids third ride (Part 1)

Today our group join Brother Ayub from Cyclemotion for an offroad ride from Bandar Putra to Seelong. All group members are coming including Joe (Pulai) and Hafiz (Pontian). Above picture shows Botak looks nervous before the ride
We were supposed to ride at Gunung Pulai 2 but changed due to too many riders will be riding there today.
Fauzan in attack position. BTW he's from MTB military school
All eyes were on Acong new SRAM X-0 component.
Head count at Hutan Bandar Putra before we enter the wilderness...
Bro Ayub, " Okey bro easy ride...ok "
Half way, one of our group member hit a huge stone and broke his rd. Hafiz (in pink) try his best to rectify the problem.
Here's a closer look at the broken rd.
Finally, Joe manage to cut the chain and make it a single speed. Luckily the guy whose riding the bike was able to follow the group pace instead of riding a single speed bike.
We had our official brake here before we split with Joe who had to attend his daughter fashion show at Angsana. We were here around 10.15-10.30
One of a great down hill action after the official break.
Victory post from few back markers...hehehe
Easy ride means....more pit stop
Today is very hot. No wonder few riders can drink their own sweat.
Pictures above shows our group entering a road (near the junction at Taman Impian Jaya, Seelong)
The final ascend before we finish was hard. It was around 1.30pm-2.00pm when we were here. This is my third offroad (40km) and it was fun. The trail was challenging but the weather was not very friendly at the end of our ride. Thanks to everyone who participated in today's ride. Stay fit and ride safely. See you then.

Acong Sram X-0 red

Wow!I saw this new Shimano XT 48 tooth chain ring at Ah Fan bicycle shop today.
Did you still rember that I have opened a voting pole a few weeks back? One of the upgrade was the SRAM X-0 component. Sadly, it wasn't me who put it on my bike. It was Acong instead.
A few close up but not very good quality pictures taken using my cheap handphone. The red coloured combination of his bmc bike frame, Avid Elixir brake and the new SRAM X-0 was very nice and awesome.
The bicycle shop had many customers today....so we need to wait a little longer for Acong bike to be setup.
Now, the final search was to find a good and reliable fork for the red machine. Good luck.

Look keo Blade

Look keo 2-Max Contador limited edition

The new Look Keo 2 Max Limited Edition - Signature Alberto Contador Pedal features a larger platform, improving pedalling action. It's also stronger, developed to give even load spread and wider, increasing surface contact area and improving balance. Bigger bearings are smoother and improve rolling action.

• Body: Injected fibre glass reinforced polymide
• Axle: CroMo - oversize
• Bearing: Dual sealed
• Tension adjustment 9-15 Nm
• Cleats included
• Weight: 130g per pedal
• Axle to sole height 17mm

Goodbye Cannondale

After being together for 3 years, they were both make their own separate ways. We would like to wish them both, best of luck.

Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember. ~Seneca

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect! ~Owens Lee Pomeroy

Why pay more?

Yeti 575 Turquoise 2010
Look 986 xx 2010
BMC fourstroke 2010

Yeti ARC 2010

If one bike epitomizes “back-in-the-day” it is the Yeti ARC. Originally a joint project in the early nineties with Easton to create the lightest hard tail on the market, the ARC has set the standard for hard tail performance. Trademark Yeti loop stays, optimized Yeti Pure tubing and a perfect race geometry make this the hard tail choice for many top racers.

  • Custom butted 7005 alloy
  • Distinctive loop stays and vertical compliance for a more comfortable ride
  • Ultimate racing geometry
    wrench science
    WARRANTY: 5yr
  • MSRP: $750.00
    WEIGHT: 3.4lbs
  • Whicked combination

    Imagine this....Never been in any cycling competition before. A new breed of cycling competition. A drag race. Picture from dragzine.com

    Turner Sultan 29

    With twenty nine inch wheels and 120mm of travel, the updated 29er from Turner is for everyone who loves the 29 inch wheel characteristics and now can utilize those big wheels with a class leading 120mm of DW-link travel. David Turner and Dave Weagle really did the homework on the Sultan.
    Carefully blending the dynamics of rider positioning with the special antisquat needs of the 29 inch wheeled bike. Special attention was paid to the relationship between bottom bracket height, chainstay length and DW-link placement resulting in super efficient power transfer through those big wheels, yet always fully active suspension that devours everything mother Earth has in front of it.

  • 6.8lbs

  • 4.7" rear wheel travel

  • Famous Turner tire clearance to handle any 29inch tires available

  • Available in Sasquatch sizing (XXL) for tall riders

  • Fox RP23 rear shock

  • NEW DW-Link suspension
    wrench science
    WARRANTY: 2yr
  • MSRP: $2,395.00
    WEIGHT: 6.63lbs
  • Sweet Sedenak Offroad part 2

    This is the track that has been mark down by Joe using his Garmin gadget. The red line is ascending with a total of nearly 26km.
    Here's another route in 3D that he has made for us
    They looked very confident. Don't they?
    .....I have learned to accept that I am a low-class mountain biker. My disc brakes rub and my fork probably made by prison workers. So please don't laugh at me when I'am on the trails, and please don't throw money at me in pity......Just move over and let me pass you...OR....should I ring my bicycle bell....
    Acong, as always found happiness more on his saddle rather at home
    Kulai MTB kids...from left Megat, Zul, Joe, me, Mawi and Fauzan.
    I would like to say thank you to Joe (pictured above) for his map and pictures for this post.
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