Ballan Joins BMC

World road champion Alessandro Ballan has quit Lampre and is poised to sign for BMC, despite the American team not featuring on the main Pro Tour.

"I've decided to change teams. I want to go abroad to learn English and see the world," he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"It's true BMC is not a Pro Tour team... but you need good riders and the invites will come."

News from eurosports

Casio 401 L-25

This is a Casio 401 L-25. I didn't know exactly what is the model. It is a white in colour suitable for small wrist. I really like the blue and pink stripe on both bands. It has 1 push button and 1 adjust hide button. I paid USD9 = RM35 for this watch
It has a plastic Japan made buckle.
This is not a screw back watch. I don't know what to name this but if you use a small knife you can pull out the case back. It is made in Korea.
The watch also has a simple yet attractive dial. There is the word Casio S.C on top of the dial and Water resist, Lithium and Japan U at the bottom. The watch also has the simple module. If you push the button it will change the display between current time with the date only.
The finale pic shows the comparison in size between this watch and my frogman. This small Casio is not for me. It's for my daughter

Pinarello Lungavita

New from Pinarello in 2010 is Pinarello Lungavita Single speed bicycle
Lungavita = Long life. It is also known as a massenger bike
It is made off a tripple butted 6061 T6 alloy frame.
It is equipped with a standard single speed bike.
I really like the retro 50' style colour scheme of these bike which comes in black sand 420, white water green 424, blue sand 422, red white 423 and green sand 421. It should cost you around USD950 or RM3500.

Boonen can escape

Belgian Tom Boonen has been told that all criminal charges relating to his use of cocaine will be dropped if he pays a 1000-euro fine (£877), the public prosecutor in Turnhout said.

The court said if Boonen, a former world champion and Tour de France stage winner who is a specialist in the Belgian one-day classics, paid the fine the case would be closed.

"We consider Boonen as just another consumer of drugs, not as a famous sportsman of whom an example should be made," the public prosecutor was quoted as saying in Het Nieuwsblad newspaper.

News extracted from Eurosport

G Shock DW-6600B-1A Fox Fire

This is my G Shock DW-6699B-1A. This watch was released in 1994. This watch is also known as the police watch. It is one of the longest, still in production Casio G Shock watch. The light button and orange G Shock wording is very nice. It also has the wording of Shock resist and electro luminescene on the band
This DW-6600B-1A is different from the normal DW-6600. It has a few G Shocks rarity nowadays such as made in Japan M, the Fox Fire wording at the bottom of the dial and not to forget the cool looking (many holes) band as shown in the picture above
I believed the Fox Fire G Shocks are much more special than the 'ilumminator' G Shock. I don't know how to explain, but if you have a chance to buy it, don't miss it. Picture above showing a group picture of my Fox Fire G's, the DW6900 snd DW002. Of course you can read about these 2 G Shock in my previous post.
This is the EL back light of the watch. It is very similar with the one in my DW002 G Shock. This G Shock will be one off my favourite G Shock. I like the bezel design. It has the similar bezel as my favourite DW69oo. Below are some translation text I found from the G Shock Japan web site;

Glow in the dark to bright EL backlight with "FOX FIRE (Fire Fox)".
Red portion of the LCD in bright浮KABI上GARIMASU G logo. The character sheet button front with three seconds afterlight light. In addition, the emission of sound linked to the timing of electronic sound information. Front button which has adopted the orange accents.

Tour of Spain...Vuelta Espana

Coming soon on 29 August - 20 September 2009
Don't miss it

Contador to Stay with Astana

Tour de France winner Alberto Contador will continue riding for Astana in 2010, the Kazakh-funded team have confirmed.
"In order to clarify some misunderstandings reported in the media, the Astana cycling team management reconfirms that 2009 Tour de France winner Alberto Contador is expected to ride for Team Astana in 2010," the team said.Astana said in the statement that Contador was definitely part of their plans for next year and was going nowhere."Our sponsors are keen to continue with the team at least till the end of 2013," Rinus Wagtmans, spokesman for the Kazakh authorities backing the team, said."It is clear that Alberto Contador will be our absolute leader of the team for next season."We are surprised to read that many other teams have reportedly shown their intention to engage our Tour winner when he remains under contract," he added.
News extracted from eurosport

"A transfer is not negotiable and we will honour the signed contract."

G Shock DW-5600LC-4

When I bought the DW6900CS that day, I also bought this G Shock DW5600LC. I still don't know what makes me bought this watch. As I remembered that day, I saw this watch and that's it. I know this will be a surplus for me. And my collection is getting bigger steadily...I think I need professional help to overcome this madness. But then again, its almost impossible as the G Shock produces more cool G's nearly every week. I will try to take some photo for comparison of colour between this G Shock and my Miro Riseman. This one looks like a matte orange and the Riseman a little shiny.
Texts below are part off an article I took from the offical G Shock web site

Surf fashion from street fashion to the widely popular with young G-SHOCK.
Special color model in summer "Summer Gradation (gradient Summer)".
Loco YUZUDOKARA the color and style of the popular surf and street adopted DW-5600. Represents a sea change in the gradient at the plate with the letters, the orange morning sun, bright white light, the yellow line at twilight three colors. Special model, original color arm of the summer.

G Shock DW-6900CS-4

This G Shock DW6900CS-4 was released at the end of last year. I have seen this watch before and really like it. I only interested at this model after I saw the price was increasing steadily from time to time. After reading several post on WUS, I decided to buy it. This G Shock really brighten up my G Shock collection. My next target will be DW6900CC-6
At first I was afraid to wear this watch to work. With its pinkish colour certainly not suitable for man but I think I will have it a try. And to my surprised, my colleague really like it. I think you will get use to pink colour. The pink colour in my opinion shows that you are brave person. I personally have more difficulty to wear orange or teal colour G Shock. Maybe, anyone who wear G Shock is a brave person who can withstand any colour....
This is the translation about this watch that I found in G Shock web site

G-SHOCK series纏TTA a unique color from the "Crazy Colors (KUREIJIKARAZU)" appeared.
The simple shape of the popular DW-5600, DW-6900 model, based on color has been adopted to assert individuality. 5 employs a color LCD for all models are designed with simplicity and impact. Also, the surface gloss paint, the finish to claim from the施SHIMASHITA color.

Pinarello Dogma 60.1

The beefy bottom tube with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 battery pack right under the bottle cage
Pinarello Dogma; the first world's asymmetric racing bicycle (the frame right part *shape* of this bike is different from the left). This bike also has the same frame design as Pinarello Prince. 950 grams = 54 inch frame
60HM1K carbon by Torayca® with Nanoalloy™
MSRP: $5,499.00
WEIGHT: 1.96lbs

Pontian-CIQ Gelang Patah

Date: 09/08/09
Distance: 81 km
Today we going to CIQ Gelang Patah. There were only four of us
The first picture shows Azies leading the group. And to my surprised Azies was too fast and really good today. I can't even match him climbing the hill near the CIQ as shown on the 2nd picture. Unbelievable
Most of us were having nasi lemak including Chu...but I am not in the mood eating nasi lemak and ate some bread instead...
We are preparing to cycle back to Pontian...
On our way back, suddenly a mtb cyclist has overtake us...and guess who...its Bro Bogor...We have invited him today to join us today since his fitness already showing some improvement but he refused and wanted to cycle alone. Please note that he is wearing the new jersey and helmet (met) with identical colour scheme....excellent
About 3-4 km after meeting Bro Bogor I had a rear puncture...Nobody were there since I was far back...but I can fix problem. Picture shows my Reynolds rear wheel without tube and tyre.
Bro Bogor wants us to meet his Singaporean friend who visiting his family in Pontian, but he was already going somewhere when we arrived. Today's ride was fun. The weather was nice too...This probably our last meeting before Ramadan and as usual we will be back on road after Hari Raya. Till then see ya.

Di Luca's positive CERA test confirmed

Danilo Di Luca's positive test for the banned blood booster CERA during May's Giro d'Italia has been confirmed by analysis of the B sample, according to the Italian Cycling Federation.

"The Italian Cycling Federation confirms that it has received the file from the International Cycling Union in which the findings of the Paris Laboratory (that did the original tests) are confirmed," read a federation statement.

The statement added the material had been forwarded to the Italian Olympic Committee so it can start disciplinary proceedings.

The 33-year-old said he was innocent and suggested there could have been an unintentional mix-up with his tests, having indicated he would quit if the B sample was also positive.This news was extracted from eurosport

Pontian-Gunung Pulai

Date: 08/08/09
Distace: 34km
Tomorrow our plan was to ride to CIQ Gelang Patah so today I made a short trip as usual to Gunung Pulai. Today's ride should be my preparation for tomorrow ride. My plan was to met Buyung here. I arrived earlier and have to wait for Buyung. While waiting for him I took a few shot of my riseman.
Buyung arrived around 8.30am and told me that Pontian are raining this wonder he's a little late because waiting for the rain to stop.
We still didn't know that Gunung Pulai is still close for public. Our effort of climbing the hill today was cut short because of this...Pictures shows our boring faces...
My bike looks dirty after the ride...

Delta 7 Arantix

MSRP: $4,895.00
WEIGHT: 2.74lbs

New for 2009 Delta 7 Sports has released their 4th generation Arantix mountain bike frame. Recently featured in Men's Journal under "Perfect Things", the Arantix is built with IsoTruss technology which is considered the ultimate composite structure. IsoTruss is a mixture of carbon fiber and Kevlar in a spider web-like open lattice tube design which creates a stronger, lighter and more durable frame. In addition to the visually stunning appeal of IsoTruss it also creates ride qualities unmatched by any other material and or structure. The bottom bracket and headtube are unbelievably stiff under side load offering a flex free handling experience. The most impressive part of the ride though comes in the feel of the frame riding over bumps which can only be expressed as something akin to riding a soft tail cutting all the harsh bumps into a buffed trail. This frame is something that has to be both seen and ridden to truly appreciate. Experience IsoTruss and see for yourself what the media is trying to put into words.

  • Carbon fiber/Kevlar frame
  • Frame weight 2.6lbs (M)
  • No rider weight limitations
  • Limited production
  • Most durable frame available
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Vinokourov returns

    Alexander Vinokourov will return to cycling after a two-year doping suspension in a low-key race in France. Kazakh Vinokourov, whose ban ended last month, has entered a race in southwestern Castillon-la-Bataille, organisers said on their website.

    Vinokourov was banned for two years after testing positive for blood doping in the 2007 Tour de France.

    The 35-year-old has denied any wrongdoing

    Lets see what will happens next....

    The news was extracted from yahoo

    Pontian-Gunung Pulai 2

    Date: 02/08/2009
    Distance: 60km
    Hello, yesterday I received a phone call from Buyung telling me that our friends from Malakoff invited us to ride together. I am a little nervous to ride today since I have been out of cycling for month. But my motivation was going up again because I will meet my buddy after not seeing them for quite some time. I arrived early and no one was there. After that every body turns up. Hafiz (yellow t's) also shows up telling that he have other commitment to catch up and will not join us today for the ride.
    We wait for the Malakoff buddies to come at the Petronas petrol kiosk. Picture shows our friends Buyung and Azies in high octane because off being sponsored by power bar. Unfortunately none of the rider who join the ride today get any power bar...that sad..
    That's me wearing pink crazy colour G Shock
    Picture above shows Mr Chu and Mr Alim from Malakoff arrived shortly after.
    We met with Cycle Motion mtb group from Pasir Gudang near warong Pak Hassan. We heard they were here because they are preparing the track for their upcoming mtb/hash event.
    Picture of Bro Bogor who was already there waiting for us at Warong Pak Hassan. Wicked
    From left Buyung, Mr Chu, Mr Alim, Azies, Bro Bogor. I am very sorry that picture of Bro Encun was missing here. I really do
    Rider of the day goes to Bro Encun because of his participation, determination, stories and not forgetting his effort by leading us from start to the end. Until we met again next time. Ride safely stay healthy.
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