Date: 22/02/2009
Distance : Me (55km) Bro Encun & Buyung (97km)
We were supposed to cycle to Simpang Renggam today, Unfortunately I had to attend a meeting in JB today's afternoon. I will cycle alone to meet Buyung and Encun half way to Pontian.

Pictures above showing some scene from my solo ride today

After waiting about 10 minutes at the junction near Kampung Sawah, they finally arrived. Middle picture shows our happy faces during the ride. The last picture shows Bro Encun and Buyung were already up ahead on our way to Kulai

We have a break at Kulai town. Bro Encun suggested us to take our breakfast here in his cousin's newly open roti canai stall at Arkid Mara Kulai. The food was delicious. I also took some photo of bandar Kulai from here. After enaugh rest we continue our ride. I ride back home while they continue cycling to Senai and will test the Ulu Choh route. I heard they made 4 stops on thier way back to Pontian. I will not blame them since the weather was quite nasty and hot right now.

Three pictures above were not related to our cycling activity today. Just to prove that I was here in JB that afternoon. These pictures shows the JB town and was taken from my hotel room at 18th floor, Hotel Selesa JB

Lance TT bike stolen *2009 Tour of California*

Seven-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong finished 10th in the prologue at the Tour of California in the first North America race of his comeback.
Armstrong, who made his comeback debut three weeks ago in the Tour Down Under in Australia, finished in four minutes, 37.17 seconds, 4.2 seconds behind prologue winner Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland.

"It's a new sensation because I haven't trained for efforts like that," Armstrong said after completing the 3.9-kilometre course around California's state Capitol.

"We changed the time-trial position a little bit, so it's the first time I got to go as hard as I could with a new position. All in all, I wanted to be top-10, top-15, so I have to be pretty happy."

His time trial bike, valued at more than $10,000, was taken from a team truck in Sacramento where Armstrong had used it in Saturday's prologue. Road bikes belonging to three of his team mates were also taken.

Despite the loss, Armstrong said he thought he would be able to catch up with the leaders later in the nine-day tour.

News taken from eurosport.com
Picture from AP

Pontian-Gunung Pulai

Date: 15/02/09

Distance: 60km

Although today's ride was a bit easy (short distance), we felt very happy with the returning of Azies after a long absent from cycling. Pictures above are fully dedicated to Buyung, Azies and Bro Ancun whose wearing new jersey.

We have decided that we are going to climb the Gunung Pulai today. Picture above shows Gunung Pulai at about 9.00am. We can't wait to push our limit.

Unfortunately we couldn't finish our climb due to the new rules that would not allowed anyone to enter the place anymore. We only managed to climb half way. Maybe it is closed because of safety reason.

I found out that this route towards Gunung Pulai 2 is by far the most challenging ride uphill here in Gunung Pulai. Maybe you guys would like to try this out. Bro Ancun also broke his spoke again here.

We had our break here at the stall in Gunung Pulai 2. Later on, a group of mtb cyclist lead by Ah Fan arrived. And the shocking news for today is the returning of 2 old school cyclist that have been out of cycling world for about a year. I will not reveal their name yet. Just a picture from the back should be enough for this time.

pontian-nusajaya (gelang patah)

Date: 01/02/2009
Distance: 71 km

Early morning and we had to listen to Buyung (new hair cut) giving instruction about our trip today. Azies was not coming today since he had other commitment. We really miss him

We plan to cycle to Nusajaya to have a look at the new Johor State centre but on our half way there we've been block by a road construction. Then we decided to go to Gelang Patah town

We have our break here. The food quite okay. Picture in the middle shows bro Ancun adjusting his bike sit post a bit higher. Last picture shown the new route back to Pontian.

The ride was fast today (thanks to the new repaired road). Although it's a bit hot but we really enjoy
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