My Pinarello F3:13

Pinarello F3:13 (51 cm)

saddle height 75cm

Shimano 105 groupset with FSA compact carbon crank 50/34
From the outside, Pinarello's F3:13 looks a lot like its more costly sibling, the F4:13 And it should, because they come out of the same molds and share geometry. Beyond that, they are different animals.

Pinarello's MOST Croxover oversize bottom-bracket shell makes power transfer efficient and solid even under a full-throttle city-limit sign sprint. Rigidity doesn't stop at the bottom bracket; overall torsional stiffness is excellent and likely plays a major part in the Pinarello's strongest trait, its handling. From the time a corner is initiated to the apex and all the way through the exit, the Pinarello can push hard and still comfortably hold nearly any chosen line. Straight-line stability is excellent. However, response to bumps is less refined than we've experienced with some bigger-dollar carbon bikes, like Pinarello's Paris. Rather than a divot in the road giving you a lively twinge that tickles the senses, the sensation is a little muted. But for this price, that's a sacrifice we'd willingly make. And while price-consciousness is not typically a word associated with Pinarello, the F3:13 may change that.

PRICE: $3,000
HITS: Phenomenal handling, sharp looks and a great parts spec
MISS: Its weight keeps it from being the
KOM WEIGHT: 18.46 lb. (55cm)
SIZES: 42.5, 45, 51, 53, 55 (tested), 57, 59cm
FRAME: Unidirectional 24IMUD monocoque
FORK: Onda Carbon 24IMUD 11*8 integral system
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Kulai-Gunung Pulai-Parit Baru

Date: 23/11/2008
Distance: 61km

Today I cycle alone to Gunung Pulai to meet up with my other cycling friends near Kampung Sawah. Picture shows the entrance to Gunung Pulai road near Kulai Tol Plaza

Very lucky the weather was good today

Early morning hill problem

When I finish climbing hill near Kampung Sawah, I received a phone call from Buyung telling me he caught both tyre puncture. So I continue my ride to meet them (Parit Baru). I continue my ride with Bro Ancun and decide to wait for Buyung at the warong near Kampung Sawah.

We wait around 40 minutes for Buyung. Then we decide to to have a breakfirst at Warong Pak Hassan at Gunung Pulai 2. We meet a group of mountain bikers at the warong.

At 11.00am we decide to go back. They both heading back to Pontian while I ride alone to Kulai. During these hours the temperature is getting hotter. However I manage to took some pics. The morale of the story today is: Choose your tyre wisely. Identify the road condition and decide what type of tyre best.

Hutan Bandar Kulai

Distance 20km
Suitable for training session

When I got little time to train before my weekly ride session with my pontian cycling dude I choose to ride here. It only 10km away from my place. Got few good uphill.

This is the closer pic from the 1st picture. The 1st hill after the traffic light near IOI Mall on the right side

Picture shows the 2nd uphill. It stretch nearly a km. So be prepare.

The entrance of Hutan Bandar Kulai

Pictures above shows some view of Hutan Bandar Kulai
Another uphill on the way back

It took only 30-40mins to complete the ride. I hope to see more cyclist here.

Casio G Shock 21st BC Ed Templeton

The 21st C.B. (21st Century Boys) series were released in November 1998. These watches were designed by four famous skateboarding artists.
Those artists are: Ed Templeton, Dan Drehobl, Tommy Guerero and Giovani Estevez

Now I hope you guys can understand what is the meaning of the bleeding nose in my welcome massage

This is a DW-003 Japan Y G Shock model with 1597 module inside

I bought this watch from the local store. Another odd about this watch is the wording the artist used stated at the bottom of the dial "complete destruction" instead of the usually "protection"wording

for more info go to:

Giordana Bissell Pro Cycling Jersey

Dispatched on 07/11 arrived on 17/11

Front view

Rear view

After 10 days of waiting, the jersey arrived from the US. I like the simple design plus it has a Pinarello logo. At least you can look like a pro even if you don't pedal like one!

Pontian-Gunung Pulai-Pontian

Date: Sunday 16/11/2008
Distance: 64km
A group discussion before we decided to go to Gunung Pulai

Only 4 group members manage to turn up today. From left Bro Ancun (the sprinter), Aziz (rookie of the year), Me, and Buyung (the head chief). Trust me...the picture didn't do justice to them.

After just only 200m from start, Buyung having a tyre puncture. Since he is using a tubular. He need to change a new one. Luckily he have another spare bike. Picture showing his returning after changing his bike while Aziz learning to cleat his shoes to the padel...poor Aziz

Bro Ancun easily caught a muscle cramp in the hilly section on his way to Gunung Pulai. After the ride he explain that his saddle height was way too high and that makes him suffer (very reasonable reason)

The start of the hilly section.

Its always my favourite place to go cycling

Gunung Pulai Satu

On our way to Gunung Pulai 2....picture showing Aziz and Buyung trying to breakaway before the hill section in front...

Our final destination, Gunung Pulai 2. Clean air, good food and very suitable for picnic

A spoke broken from a rear wheelset of Bro Ancun bike. It happened when we race each other climbing a hill. This is the last thing that cyclist like to have... Picture showing Bro Ancun try to rectify the broken spoke.

With another 32km to go we decided to call one of our friend who live nearby to send us a spare wheelset....we had to wait another 30 mins for the wheelset. The weather getting hotter and we reach home around 12.00 afternoon. Picture showing a group of boring cyclist waiting for a wheelset. Even one of them already fall asleep on his bike!! Remember kids, don't try this at home.

My bicycle evolution

Since I got no cycling activities from 2/11 - 15/11 so I would like to share some of my cycling history. Its about my bicycle. Currently I am using Pinarello Dogma and Pinarello F3:13 but it all started with a mtb...I hope you'll enjoy reading it

My first bike. A specialized (copy) mtb...I bought this bike genuinely because I want to improve my fitness wife said I am getting fat so I bought a bicycle because I am not really like to run to lose weight.

....after a few month I felt I need to do some upgrade from my previous it turnout to be a JBC Pro Jet Stream which I bought from my fav. LBS in Pekan Nanas. I still using my old groupset LX with Marzocchi fork...With this bike I learn few good cycling technique. I used to ride with my friend's Han near our house...unfortunately we both didn't have much time to ride together

...My first road bike. A Bianchi Danilo Diluca edition. I bought this bike without much knowledge about cycling and it turnout to be a bit too small for me...even I put the saddle not in a correct position. I bought this road bike because during that time I felt that I am more suitable for road bike more than mtb. With this bike also I started joining Pontian cyling buddies. So after deep thinking both my JBC Pro and Bianchi had to go...

... and finally the Pinarello Dogma. I bought this bike around a year ago. This is the best bike that I could afford to buy during that time. It was a used bike but I am more than happy for it. It is made from magnesium and carbon...I like the fat tube plus the shape of the Onda fork. It also have a straight top tube which is perfect for me coz I am not a fan of slopping top tube....

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