Deda Synapsi (Part II)

Here's are some pics of the Deda Synapsi which I promised to post before. This Deda Synapsi is now own by my friend, Azies. Up to now, we still haven't decide when we (Pontiancyclingdude) going to start riding again.
The final picture shows Azies complete bike. A Proton CVS full carbon frame, Deda Synapsi handlebar, Mavic Aksyium wheelset, Fizik Arione Saddle, Look pedals, and Shimano Ultegra groupset. Sweet

Mavic Zxellium Cycling shoes

Here's Mavic Zxellium Cycling shoes
All pictures are taken from the net. I post this article because I like the yellow colour of the shoes. The Mavic is new in town and I have never seen it before. When I saw the Mavic yellow shoes it recall me about the DMT shoes (made famous by sprinter ace Alessandro Petacchi) as shown below. Both in my wish list...IMO the DMT looks cooler than Mavic

Ford Anglia

During this Hari Raya, as usual me and my family visiting my uncle. To my surprise, I saw this old Ford Anglia in his garage. So here's some pics of this glorious Ford Anglia.These pictures were taken using my hand phone. Hope you guys enjoy it.
This 2 doors Ford Anglia, I believed was last produced in 1967. BTW, The sports rim is not original
My uncle said, there are plenty of work to do to complete this restoration. As you can see, the steering is huge. This will make it easy to tackle corner because during that time, the power steering technology is still not common in every production cars.
Here's some rear view of the car with the classic shark fin that was a big hype in the 60's
The engine was kept in it's original condition. I am not really sure its a 1100cc or 1200cc.
I like this car a lot. IMO this is a cute not too big but has a lot of retro look.

Quick Step open Contador talks

Pictures taken from the net

Quick Step are in talks with Alberto Contador about signing the Tour de France champion for next season, according to the Belgian team's manager.

Spaniard Contador, one of five riders with wins in all three Grand Tours, Italy, Spain and France, is under contract with the Kazakh-funded Astana team until 2010.

"Right now, we are waiting. We must see whether the UCE are going to grant a ProTour licence to Astana," Quick Step manager Patrick Lefevere told the Gazet van Antwerpen.

"If they do not, we would have the opportunity to recruit Contador. We are in concrete talks with him. I have been negotiating with his manager. I have had two interviews with Contador himself, the last one on Friday."

Astana, who have experienced financial difficulties this year, have yet to be granted a licence to race at the highest level next season.

Contador said last week he was still unsure which team he would be racing for in 2010, adding that he had been looking at Caisse d'Epargne, Garmin-Slipstream and Quick Step as possible alternatives.


Ciamillio Gravitas 2009

Full carbon brakes handmade in the USA
Ciamillio 175g per set, Campagnolo Super Record 275g per set
Dual Pivot and Power Cam technology

Description of 2009 Ciamillo Gravitas:
In the beginning there was Zero Gravity, the spearhead of lightweight. Now, new life has risen, destroying all in its path with bone crushing power. Prepare for the tyrannical rule of the highest performing brake on the planet.
  • Ciamillo's signature "Mech-Tech" aesthetic
  • Power Cam = rider prescribed speed modulation

  • RRP: USD 875.00

    G Shock DW-6900CC-6

    As I promised earlier, here's my G Shock DW6900CC-6. I am really sure that this watch will sell very fast. These new released DW6900CC series IMHO are the best so far. It is not a special limited edition but a normal G Shock with a very nice colour combination.
    The LCD colour is similar to the DW6900CS-4. It also has the same colour backlight too.
    Here's a wrist picture of my purple G Shock
    Al tough this purple G Shock look much nicer IMO compared to the green one. The green one has a much nicer metallic. Maybe its the nature of the green colour that will make metallic colour more sparkle. Both watches are my current favourite.
    Finally, don't worry. These two G Shock is not the brightest G Shock when you wearing it. The back light colour is very nice too.These great watch won't last long. I am sure you guys will love it. The only setback about this model is that it still using the old 1289 module. My hope is that the new G6900 will have this kind of colour varieties soon.

    Bicycle helmets

    I've been looking for a new helmet for quite some time. For some reasons I cannot find any (not enough funds I guess) that suits my budget. Right now I am wearing this Rudy Project Kontakt.
    I am sure most of us have heard about this Giro Ionos which has been worn by the great Lance Amstrong and the winner itself Alberto Contador of Astana during LeTour deFrance 2009. I am a poor guy, so lets move on
    This white Catlike Whisper that has been seen in the tour also really attract my attention too, who know I might end up with this one...I hope
    And finally, this beautiful OGK Mostro. Maybe, not many cyclist have heard about this one. But this one is a big hit in Japan where it came from. I hope one of the above are still on sale when I have the money...

    Deda Synapsi

    This is a 2006 Deda Synepsi. I have used this handlebar for two years. This all carbon made intergrated handlebar means the stem was permenantly attached together with the handle. So make sure you know the size if you plan to buy one.
    I found out that the best thing about this handlebar is that, it gives you a wider grip. The wing shape is very comfortable (palm friendly) and gives you varierty of handling style.
    It does not have any cable route under the bar. This handlebar also being banned by the UCI. Which in their opinion, the design of this handlebar can gives you great advantage if you make a solo attacked during the race. It still can be found online for USD570 if you want to buy.
    I sold my synepsi to my dear friend, Azies. I hope he will like it as much as I do. Btw, I am using the standard Deda Newton 7075 T6 handlebar right now.

    Below are some information I found from the net about this great handlebar

    Integrated stem-handlebar for racing bikes. Thanks to carbon fiber technology, Deda has designed a dramatic breakthrough in racing handlebars. The integrationn between stem and handlebar has generated a completely new product that greatly broadens its function. New and more effective hand posizions are now possible. Wing shape cross section, design specific for more hand comfort. Without any doubt, a glamour (fashionable, bewitching) design.

    Pinarello Dogma In Vuelta Espana 09

    Alejando Valverde and friends (Caisse d'Epargne pro team) were using the new Pinarello Dogma 60.1 Carbon frame in this year Vuelta Espana.

    All pictures are taken from the net.

    G Shock DW-6900CC-3

    My new G Shock DW6900CC-3 was released here in Malaysia around September 9,2009. I am glad that I have bought this watch. This watch has a very cool looking metallic green band and bezel too. The green dial matched perfectly with the LCD.
    I ve been looking to buy a green G Shock for a long time. Since I have sold my green Ed Tampleton, I have none green colour G's in hand. I've been considering few models such as G Shock G-5500C-3 (super hard to find) and the midsized DW-56RTB-3
    This is the translate I found from the net...
    The vivid colors are popular with young people "Crazy Colors (Kureijikarazu)" series, New models appeared.
    Based on the popular apparel brand and model of collaboration DW-6900 adopted. While we emphasize the unity of the two-tone colors in similar colors, finished in a model that can incorporate the impact gloss paint and color LCD. Combines the functionality and not just look good, is a unique model stand out against the Sutoritofasshonshin.
    Here's a wrist picture of my new g shock...
    The last picture shows the DW6900CC-3 with the DW6900CC-6. Both watches are mine. I will post an article about the DW6900CC-6 very soon. Altough other G Shocks model are great, I think, I am going to put more focus on the DW6900/G6900 model.

    G Shock G-6900A-9

    This is the update version of the famous DW6900. This watch also my first yellow G Shock. Although I have many G Shock model, This 6900 model is my favourite. This new version has plenty of new things added like tough solar battery powered, world time, auto EL. Even its module book also thicker and bigger than the usual DW6900. The auto calender now can reach 2099.
    Since I live in SE Asia, that's mean my local watch dealer only carry the non-multiband watch. This watch is made in Thailand Y and has the 3180 module inside. You also can choose between 1.5 sc or 3 sc for the length of the illuminator light. This watch was released together with the white G6900-7 shortly after the introduction of the G6900-1 0n Jun 2009.
    This is the comparison picture between the G6900 and DW6900. You can easily notice that the wording on the bezel of the G6900 is slightly thinner than the DW model. The G6900 also has a much bigger number. All the Alarm and Hourly signal symbol is now in the middle eye. The small left eye consist of battery display and power save.
    Here's my small collection of the 69's.

    No Contandor in Mendrisio, Switzerland WC

    Tour de France winner Alberto Contador has been left out of Spain's preliminary squad for the road world championships.

    "It was difficult after the long and intense season he has had...we have spoken and concluded it was best that he doesn't go to Mendrisio," Spain manager Jose Luis De Santos said in a statement on the Spanish federation website.

    The world championships are in Mendrisio, Switzerland, between September 23 and 27.

    News from Reuters

    Leipheimer signs for Radio Shack

    Levi Leipheimer has signed a two-year deal with Lance Armstrong's new RadioShack team.
    "There were other possibilities, but I've signed with the best team in the world, an American team that's going to sign more American riders," Leipheimer said.

    Leipheimer said he plans to race the Tour of California, the Dauphine Libere and the Tour de France in 2010.

    "Those are my three favorites races and top my objectives for next year," he said.

    Belgian media have reported that Sebastien Rosseler and Gert Steegmans are also set to join the new squad, which is set to be managed by current Astana team manager Johan Bruyneel.

    News from AFP

    Petacchi joins Lampre

    Italian sprint specialist Alessandro Petacchi has signed for Lampre for the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

    The 35-year-old, who missed the 2007 and 2008 Tours de France after testing positive for banned substance salbutamol, leaves the LPR Brakes team.

    He will replace world champion Alessandro Ballan, who is poised to join American team BMC next year.

    News from Ruters

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