G Shock DW-003H-2T

This time I am a bit hurry. This is another watch that I bought for my friend from Banting, Selangor

That's why the pics were taken right at the shop coz after that I sent the watch straight to him (by post) It a G Shock DW-003H-2T. It is made in Malaysia. This watch is a bit of discoloured due to a very long exposure of sunlight. But I believe this watch will be shining back after a quick polish...

I wonder how will he make a rotation wearing all his G Shocks

This watch was released on July 1997

Below are few great article about this watch that I found from the net

Designed to resemble a club scene in America, Summer 1997, "CLUBBER VERSION (Club Version)".
Monotone system (DW-003C: 3) is based in New York and the east coast, color system (DW-003H: 3) motif is the West Coast is based in Los Angeles. Up to 30 features can be the phone number of the memory up to stitch REPIA given to change the band employs a color hologram from different angles. A mix of rhythm and design of the London AMERIKANTEISUTO and worldwide club finished version.

Kulai/Pontian-Gunung Pulai 2

Date: 24/05/2009
Distance: 50km

I am feeling not at my best right now so instead of riding to Pendas, we decided to make another visit to Gunung Pulai 2 to improve our physical fitness before going to a longer distance places. I am a bit early today and had to wait for them for nearly 30 minutes.

Picture above showing Arab Malakoff and Hafiz just arrived. Great to see these 2 guys showing their determination by joining our last 2 ride.

Buyung our group leader always shows determination every ride plus we have another new comer here, Hafiz also from Malakoff. We had our breakfast at warong Pak Hassan. We departed back a bit early today....Sadly another team member was not in picture here, which is Bro Encun....he was too fast even the camera couldn't cought him in action today. Great stuff as always...

I was riding alone back to Kulai when i received these 2 pictures showing Arab having a rear puncture at Kampung Parit Pasir. Pictures shows Buyung helping Arab holding the wheel while Arab inflating the tyre. Our ride was fun as usual. The weather was great with mostly cloudy. Hope to see you guys in the next ride....cheers. Wait a minute. Look closely at the last pic, its a pic of Bro Encun legs....how lucky.....

G Shock G-2500FL-2MJR

I have been quite active lately involving myself with G Shock especially after buying 2 G Shocks (skyforce+fisherman) for my friend as I told you in my post earlier. While purchasing the 2 G shocks I have found this G Shock G-2500FL-2MJR

I have seen this watch about a year and a half ago. Lucky for me it is still there.

It is metallic blue in colour
It also has extra feature such as:
● Memory offers up to 25 phone numbers (name: 8 characters, part number: 12 digits)
● Features DEIKAUNTA: Title 8, the date of this letter and five memory, configured to display the number of days from today, "月日" alarm feature match
● Dual Time
● stopwatch (1 / 100 second, 24 hours total, with Split)
Daylight Saving Time setting function
● alarm clock five times this

This watch has been released at the end of June 2001
When you have a metallic G Shock it usually a special G Shock

This watch also appear to be a bit different if compare to my other G Shocks. The thing that i noticed when the first time I look at this watch is when the minute and hourly number change it doesn't change instantly but a small dash will appear first and move from centre to the bottom and move back to the top before changing to the next number. Cool

This watch has been made in Malaysia Y with 2266 module inside. This is what the official G Shock said about this watch;
Was released in 2001, G-SHOCK model street "METALLIC-G(metallic G)".
The metallic coating that gives depth to the body, and then casually assert individuality. The EL backlight, and popular art skateboard and surfboard "FRF"書KI下ROSHITAKABIGARI character, the back engraved "FRF" design "G" is marked.



A few weeks ago, I have caught a few good pics of the rainbow right in front of my house. The rainbow is a bit special to me as it has a double line of rainbow. I am no expert on this but I hope the pictures will explain

If you put the last 2 pictures together, you will see the complete rainbow

Komik Initial-D, Ranma 1/2, One Piece, Budak Q, Penyiasat Remaja, Jejak Kelana untuk dijual

Harga komik Bahasa Melayu (senaskah)

Intial-D vol 1-10 RM4.50 SOLD to Awi Kemaman

Initial-D vol 11-17 RM5.00 SOLD to Awi Kemaman

Jejak Kelana vol 1-10 RM6.00

Penyiasat Remaja (Fumiya Sato, Yozaburu Kanari, Seimaru Amagi) vol 1-27 RM4.30

Penyiasat Remaja (Hajime Kindiachi) kes1-7 (10 buah) RM4.30

Penyiasat Remaja (Hajime Kindaichi) cabaran remaja Kindaichi vol 1-7 RM4.30

Ranma 1/2 vol 2-34 (31 buah)... tiada vol 1,5,8 RM4.50

One Piece vol 1-31 RM4.30 Percuma One Piece Blue Grand Data File (mandarin) SOLD to ikireyn Tawau

Budak Q (sekolah Detektif Q) vol 1-16 SOLD to ikireyn Tawau

...Buku-buku ini telah saya miliki beberapa tahun lepas. Selalunya saya hanya membaca sekali saja dan terus menyimpannya. Buku-buku dalam keadaan baik dan terjaga. Kepada yang berminat membeli adalah digalakkan membeli dalam bentuk set. Harga bole lagi nego...tapi nipis aje...Hubungi saya di 0137788637 Din

Pontian-Gunung Pulai 2

Date: 17/05/09
Destinatian: Pontian-Gunung Pulai 2

**First of all I would like to apologized about this post. This post should be full off wonderful pics about our ride today. I have taken a lot of pictures using the hp that I borrowed from the telecommunication shop**

Today is by far is the best ride ever because all of my colleagues are all present today.....Buyung, Azies, Encun, Gedo, Kemil, Hafiz, Arab Malakoff and me

Plenty of action also happens as Encun got punctured twice and I also broke my wheel spoke today. We were soooo happy and hope we will get free time so we can ride again together in near future.

** Don't worry my friends. I will update the pictures when I get the cable **

24/05/09 Update
Video by Bro Encun....thanks. All pictures that I took that day are all gone. I am sorry

G Shock DW6500G-1A Skyforce

I am so excited coz today I bought two G Shock for my friend.

Its a G Shock DW6500G-1A with ALTI/BAND with sensor

Here's the translation what the web said about this watch
"The first built-in pressure sensor, the measurement of the depth of pressure altitude G-SHOCK "SKYFORCE (SUKAIFOSU)".
The sensor is located in the projection of the left. G-SHOCK to use the logo of the Red, Gold組MI合WASEMASHITA LCD."

It has 1160 module inside and has been made in Japan T. It also has a unique triangle cut on its band....cool

I hope he will be happy with this 2 G's when he got it. I hope you will be in a great health wearing this. Cheers

G Shock DW8600J-1A Fisherman

These are few pics of my friend's new G Shock Fisherman which I bought it for him. He asks me if I could find good G Shock and lucky I have found this as a new old stock watch from the local store

This is a G Shock DW8600 with 1518 module inside

It has a titanium case and has been made in Japan

I found this article about this watch from the official G Shock web site

Last resist all titanium materials used in metal air out (rust-proof) construction of the G-SHOCK "FISHERMAN (fisherman)."
And display the age, shows no sign of TAIDOGURAFU tide, at the time of day or sunrise view, and also features such as temperature measurement sensors. The back cover is engraved with the mark of a mermaid is said to have fallen in love with the beauty that the men of the sea.

Pictures above shows G Shock Fisherman beside The G Shock Skyforce
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