G Shock Riseman MIRO G-9200R-4

This G Shock Riseman was released in Japan around September 2008. You can find many review from the Internet about this model. I came across these three model Riseman here in a local G Shock store which are the normal Riseman, the MS Riseman and this MIRO Riseman. Since I already have the MS before I think I am going to pull a trigger on this and it turns out perfectly for me.

My Men In Orange Riseman has a 3148 module inside and has been made in Thailand. Since this watch is for Asian market it doesn't have the wave cepter a.k.a multiband that can received radio signal. Usually I buy watch because I like the look of it. And I don't know if I ever need those function.
This watch is special because it features a thermometer, altimeter, and barometer (my favorite because it can test for air pressure, indicates if weather is improving or deteriorating). Also has tough solar, meaning it recharges itself when in contact with the sun. Comes with 5 alarms, world time, EL backlight, and about 20 months with just 1 full charge from the sun!
Also, this is a limited edition run, when light up, shows a fireman's axe.
This is an article that I found a translation from a Japanese G Shock web site;

Pursuit of toughness, specific features from the Master of G series, a series of color theme "Men in Rescue Orange (Men in Rescue Orange)" appeared.
Has adopted the orange color used in the rescue team working in this demanding field. High visibility orange in color and used in protective clothing, and black color combination is driven in harsh conditions and the G-SHOCK toughness, it is hard to express the image and rescue activities . The EL backlight, Douglas universal adoption of a multi-purpose tool that is used in the rescue site. Tough Solar Altitude, atmospheric pressure, equipped with twin sensor to measure temperature "RISEMAN (Raizman)"

G Shock G1000H

This is my friend's G Shock. It is an analog model which has plenty of very difficult and confusing module (for me) to understand. It has a 5034 module inside and has been made in Thailand Y. In my opinion this is very formal looking watch.

I have once own a G Shock AW582 but I trade it for another G. I prefer a digital display G Shock watch.

Baby G Frogman

Just bought this baby G frogman for my sister. This is the female version of the famous G Shock frogman. This is a new old stock.
A closer look at the watch. Actually the day display on top of the watch will change into the image of a shark every few second. But I couldn't tell how long exactly
This is the shot on the case back of the watch. This watch has a 2050 module inside and has been made in Japan A. If you look closely you will find that the frog in the middle of the case is wearing a bangle. Cool
Picture above shows the baby G wrist shot.
A group photo of a frogman. A baby G seamen will follow soon.
Below are a few description about the baby G frogman that I found from the Internet;

200m for diving with waterproof FROGMAN, Skeleton made a new type of gloss paint.
A clear blue, blue-green color is a deep image of light shining.
Back to the G-SHOCK FROGMAN are girl version of frog design has been engraved.
ISO standard for waterproof diving 200m
The World Time shows the time of the famous diving point, strongly support diversity in the world over the sea
Adopting hard-to-rust titanium case
Name, C cards, emergency contact, and the passport data and other results of the five cases (in name: 16 characters, the numbers: 10 digits), Blood Type (Rh expression / ABO expression) to remember the ID and can also include functions.

Diving points are preset
Cayman (Caribbean)
Galapagos (eastern Pacific Ocean)
Great Barrier Reef (coral reef northeast Australia)
Guam (Western Pacific)
Hawaii (Central Pacific Ocean)
Mauritius (Western Indian Ocean)
MORIDIBU (North Indian Ocean)
Red Sea
Tahiti (South Pacific)

G Shock Frogman GW200MS Men In Rusty

This G Shock Frogman GW200MS Men In Rusty was released in March 2009
This watch is part of military inspired series. There are also other model in this series such as DW5600MS, DW6900MS, Mudman and Riseman
This is my first tough solar and I hope I will not fail me. Usually I put this Frogman in a place where it receive enough sunlight.
It has a usual titanium screw case back
Some people said that this model is a lot similar to Frogman MIB model but in my opinion both model has its own strength. In fact non of my friend notice my Rusty Frogman. They think that this is my normal G because of its lack of striking colour. And for that I think Casio has achieved their gold for making this watch stealthy and unnoticed
For use under extreme conditions, specific features "Master of G (Master of G) Series" color theme, "Men in Rusty Black (Men in RASUTIBURAKKU)" appeared.
"MUDMAN (MADDOMAN)" G-9000MS is the image of the black earth of the dark night, "RISEMAN (Raizman)" GW-9200MSJ METARIKKUGURE is the image of the twilight sky, "FROGMAN (frogman)" GW-200MS on the jetty adopted the image of the dark blue sea. Where the use of specific features of each model (land, sky, sea) are represented. LCD features a red LCD for easy viewing even in the dark (G-9000MS LCD is inverted),仕上GEMASHITA to cool. Module to the band No. Printed on a military tone. Practical, functional and tough Master of G series, which represented the area is harsh New color theme.
ISO standard for the 200m dive waterproof (GW-200MS)

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